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Self Framing Buildings (Shed)

building fabrication

Are pre-engineered buildings that integrates the framing system into the design, construction and fabrication. Wasea offers 2 types of self-framing style: Gable & Shed.


custom cabinet

Wasea cabinets and panels are custom fabricated to any size from a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, to mild steel and are available in various gauges, depending on costumer needs.

Self Framing Buildings (Gable)

gable buildings

The self-framing buildings are 2- way sloped roof custom designed for a range of uses from a compressor or metre stations to treater, dehydrator or separator plants to storage facilities or well head heater buildings.

Rigid Frame Buildings

rigid frame buildings

Rigid Frame Buildings may be special equipment installations, warehousing and other industrial uses. They are designed to meet any height and span requirements. Wasea rigid frame buildings are unsurpassed for durability and efficiency.

Self Framing Buildings (Shed)

shed building

The self-framing shed is a simple structure, one slope building ideal for smaller applications. The interlocking panel system is economical while various base types including skids, full make for a multi-functional structure.

Rigid Frame Buildings

sheet metal fabrication

Wasea’s Sheet Metal Division specializes in manufacturing custom metal components for various applications. We offer a range of materials, like mild steel, aluminum & stainless steel.

Specialty Buildings-Foam building

specialty buildings

Our engineering team can provide custom solutions to building requirements such as fire rating, acoustical requirements, hurricane rating. Wasea can provide engineering consulation and design for architectural and structural projects.

Structural Steel

steel fabrication welding

Wasea’s CWB certified weld shop offer s top-tier welding services to meet the client’s needs. Our team of highly skilled welders provide top notch quality and precise work. We can create custom metal work as per client’s specification and can also work with client for design development.