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Self Framing Buildings 

Are pre-engineered  buildings  that   integrates  the  framing  system  into  the  design,  construction  and  fabrication.    Wasea  offers  2 types  of  self-framing  style:   Gable  &  Shed

Gable Buildings 

The self-framing buildings are 2- way  sloped  roof custom designed for a range of uses from a compressor or metre stations to treater, dehydrator or separator plants to storage facilities or well head heater buildings. For designing and manufacturing a building for the petroleum industry, Wasea brings a wealth of expertise in handling Western Canadian weather and environmental conditions, including snow load requirements.

Self framing Shed buildings 

The self-framing shed is a simple structure, one slope building ideal for smaller applications. The interlocking panel system is economical while various base types including skids, full make for a multi-functional structure. Roof and wall sections can be removable to provide for equipment installation and the buildings can be fitted with all necessary materials, accessories and finishings